Job identification
Drop pipe nominal size   in
Water temperature  °F
Max. discharge pressure at well head  psi
Electrical cable weight per foot  lbs / ft
Pumping level  ft
Pump setting depth  ft
Pump flow rate  gpm
Pump power  hp
Pump & motor weight  lbs
Hanging Weight:
Weight of water-filled pipe above pumping level  lbs
Weight of pipe below pumping level  lbs
Cable weight  lbs
Pump & motor weight  lbs
Differential pressure  psi
Pipe exterior surface area  in2
Differential pressure * surface area  lbs
Total hanging weight  lbs
Max. allowable hanging weight  lbs
Percentage of max. allowable hanging weight   %
Pump suction lift pressure  psi
Flow friction pressure loss  psi
Max. discharge pressure at well head  psi
Total dynamic pressure at pump  psi
Max. allowable pressure  psi
Percentage of max. allowable pressure   %
Drop pipe stretch  inches